Small Business Loans

        The Small Business Loan is designed to provide start-up “seed” capital for people in the Madison area looking to start a small business. The loan can also be used for small business owners who are looking to expand by adding equipment, employees, or resources for those that are facing difficult times financially and are in need of improving or upgrading their businesses.

         For this loan package, TMF aims to provide initial capital for start-up businesses, or to support business owners who have a history of business in Madison and are discovering the need for capital in order to expand.

        This loan package can be used to add an employee to help increase your business activities, purchase new materials, or upgrade existing equipment. A restaurant owner who must fix broken chairs and tables or a daycare owner who wants to purchase a new play set for the children, may use a Small Business Loan to help their businesses to thrive.


        This loan can also help businesses reduce their energy costs while making them more environmentally friendly, or “green”. Upgrading to “Energy Star” rated appliances or installing new energy saving appliances can initially be very costly, but in the long-term will heavily reduce energy expenditures. Many middle class Americans could benefit highly from the purchase of or upgrade to energy efficient appliances and equipment. Every business and household in the United States has room for improvement when it comes to becoming more environmentally friendly.

       The Madison Fund bases lending decisions on a client’s character and willingness to learn from financial coaching. Borrowers must have a business plan, a designated business banking account and a clear purpose for all funds received. For entrepreneurs struggling with financial organization and management, TMF is ready with all available assistance, including referral to expert sources such as the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Administration, and the University of Wisconsin School of Business Small Business Development Center.

        If you think that you may be able to use a Small Business Loan to start or expand your business, or want to learn more information about The Madison Fund and our services, contact us.

Loan Amount: $500 – $5,000  | Duration of Loan: 6 – 18 Months