The Madison Fund got its start in late 2010 as nothing more than an idea. Alex was a member of a student organization devoted to promoting microfinance awareness. He soon realized that the most effective way to further microfinance was not to promote, but rather to act. Alex then partnered with Andrew, a fellow economics student who shared the same vision and work ethic as he. This is how The Madison Fund was born. What began as a "project" operating out of apartments and coffee shops soon turned into a nonprofit organization located in The Madison Fund office. After adding a few more bright, hard-working team members, The Madison Fund became what it is today: the first community mirco-lending organization in Madison.

        Working weekends and late into the night, the TMF team fit together all the pieces to start the organization. After its incorporation in September of 2010, TMF built a business model, designed its loan packages, and developed its website in order to become a fully operating organization. The Madison Fund now proudly stands, serving the community, and serving Madison.


    “TMF is a team oriented environment and we all work so well together. We are each enthusiastic about what we’ve accomplished so far and excited for what we can provide to the community.”

– Tony Rudeen (Marketing) –