How does TMF’s model work?

        The Madison Fund has been founded as a nonprofit organization. In addition, TMF has been built in a unique and effective way. TMF relies entirely on volunteer work to function and does not pay any of its employees, directors, or interns a salary of any kind. This low-cost model ensures that as close to 100% as possible of the incoming donations are used to provide loans to businesses and entrepreneurs. TMF's nonprofit status means that TMF cannot take the loan returns as profits and the returns on both principal and interest are reinvested into the loan pool in order to fund more loans.


What does TMF offer in addition to loans?

        In addition to the loans themselves, TMF offers financial guidance and assistance to its borrowers. We want to ensure that borrowers are able to keep to their loan repayment schedules so as to not disrupt their businesses and lives. The Madison Fund team is always there to help the borrower overcome financial obstacles of any kind. Unlike a big bank, the loans that TMF offers are not secured by collateral meaing TMF is fully invested in the borrower and the business.


What types of loans does TMF offer?

We offer two different types of loans:

To learn more about these loans to discover which is best for your business, click on the links above.


What are the terms of the loans?

        Each loan's terms differ between loans and circumstances. The size of the loan, duration of the loan, and the plans for the use of the funds are all factors that The Madison Fund considers when tailoring a loan to best fit the needs of the borrower and the specifics of the business. To learn more about the terms of a loan for your business, fill out a Loan Inquiry form, or contact us.


How will a loan help me?

        With TMF's loan packages, you may start a new business, fund equipment upgrades or purchases for an existing business, make your business more environmentally sustainable, and much more. Check out our services to learn more about each package, and fill out a loan inquiry form so that we may better know you and figure out how we can help.


How can I help The Madison Fund?

        The Madison Fund relies entirely on donations from the public in order to fund its operations and build its loan pool. Even a very small contribution can go a very long way in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and the community since a typical loan may be as small as only a couple thousand dollars.

        TMF is also always looking for additions to its team. To find out more, click on the "Get Involved" tab.